T&T Oilfield Services. Manufacture, represent, and deliver oilfield supplies anywhere in the world. Drill pipes, valves, generators, frac systems mud pumps and drilling rig packages.
T&T Oilfield Services is an oilfield equipment company with USA headquarters located in Houston, Texas. We can create custom packages and perform modifications and repairs, as well as provide equipment locating.
If it's used in the oilfield industry, T&T Oilfield Services can supply it. We either manufacture it, represent it, but more importantly we can get it and deliver it anywhere in the world. No job is too big or too small. From drill pipes, BOP's, valves, generators, frac systems, mud pumps, cementers, to full drilling rig packages and everything in between. T&T Oilfield Services offers sales, rentals and leasing options.







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Drilling Rigs (Offshore Rigs)

T&T Oilfield Services offers innovative rig structures, drilling equipment, electric power systems, SCR drives, AC variable frequency drives, and more. The offshore rigs are equipped with the latest in drilling technologies, to tackle challenging drilling projects in many different and difficult settings.

  • Semi-Submersible

  • Floating Production

  • Drill Ship

  • Jack-Up

  • Storage Units

  • WorkOver Rigs


Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Operational at 400 Ft Water Depth, Drilling Depth  30,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  3000 HP       Top drive: 750 Ton
Leg length : 517 ft        Useable 460 ft,      Leg Spacing:  142T x 129L


375 Ft Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Drilling Depth  30,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  3000 HP       Top drive: 750 Ton
Leg length : 506 ft        Useable 435 ft,      Leg Spacing:  155T x 145L


300 Ft Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Drilling Depth Approximate 22,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  2000 HP       Top drive: 650 Ton
Leg length : 441ft        Useable 372ft,      Leg Spacing:  164T x 141L


300 Ft Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Drilling Depth Approx 30,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  3000 HP       Top drive: 750 Ton
Leg length : 430ft        Useable 378ft,      Leg Spacing:  142T x 129L


330 Ft Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Drilling Depth Approx 25,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  3000 HP       Top drive: 500 Ton
Leg length : 464ft        Useable 385ft,      Leg Spacing:  176T x 153L


250 Ft Jack-Up Drilling Unit, Drilling Depth Approx 20,000 Ft

Drawworks Power :  2000 HP       Top drive: 500 Ton
Leg length : 337ft        Useable  290ft,      Leg Spacing:  120T x 115L


Semi Submersible, Operational water depth 600Ft, Drilling Depth 20,000ft

2000HP Drawwork's, 560 ton Top Drive, 2 Mud Pumps @ 1600HP Each

Fully Air Conditioned Accommodation for up to 90 Persons
Unit can be upgrade to operate at 3000Ft water depth.

Continental Emsco 3000 HP Semi Submersible Offshore Rig
Drawwork's: Continental Emsco 3000HP Rotary Table: National
Derrick: Lee C Moore 142 x 30 x 1,000,000lbs, Cranes: Link belt x 3no
Helideck: UK rated "Super Puma" Including fueling tanks 2 x 1000 gal each


Drill Ship, Operational Water Depth 2500 ft

3000Hp Drawworks , 2 Mud pumps @ 1600HP each

Able to operate in water depths of up to 2,500 ft.
It is equipped with an 18-inch, 10,000-psi BOP stack,
650 PTD top-drive and an eight-point chain mooring system.
It has a deck load capacity of 9,157 tons and is able to accommodate 110 people


  • Floating Production
  • Offshore Exploration
  • Offshore Platform
  • Offshore Production
  • Offshore Rig
  • Offshore Technology
  • Oil Platform
  • Oil Rig

 Drilling rigs are a complex structure including drilling machinery, power and control, and instrumentation working in concert for efficient drilling.  Every offshore Drilling Rig requires an extensive, integrated power, instrumentation and control and communication system under the most demanding working conditions.  Rigs must preserve safety and protect the environment.


We can assist in conducting drilling operation in all kinds of climatic and geographical environments. We offer various types of Offshore Rigs for variety of drilling jobs.

  • Drawworks

  • Masts and Derricks

  • Substructures

  • Mud Pumps

  • Drive Systems

  • Rotating & Traveling Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • Mud Solids Control

  • Blowout Preventers

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Drill String

  • Handling Tools

  • Auxiliary Equipment

  • Workover Rigs and Pulling Units

  • Drilling Contracts

  • Drilling Operations

  • Platform Drilling and Workover Operations

  • MODU Operations




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