T&T Oilfield Services. Manufacture, represent, and deliver oilfield supplies anywhere in the world. Drill pipes, valves, generators, frac systems mud pumps and drilling rig packages.
T&T Oilfield Services is an oilfield equipment company with USA headquarters located in Houston, Texas. We can create custom packages and perform modifications and repairs, as well as provide equipment locating.
If it's used in the oilfield industry, T&T Oilfield Services can supply it. We either manufacture it, represent it, but more importantly we can get it and deliver it anywhere in the world. No job is too big or too small. From drill pipes, BOP's, valves, generators, frac systems, mud pumps, cementers, to full drilling rig packages and everything in between. T&T Oilfield Services offers sales, rentals and leasing options.







Camps/Workforce Housing

Cementing Systems



Drilling Equipment

Drilling Rigs (Land Rigs)

Drilling Rigs (Offshore)

Drill Pipe, Casing and Tubing

Engines, Motors and Parts

Equipment and Controls

Generators and Transformers

Hoses and Fluid Handling

Marine and Subsea Equipment

Measuring Instruments

Mixers and Blenders

Nitrogen - Industrial Gas Systems

Offshore Instrumentation

Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Muds

Pumping Systems

Sand Systems

Tanks, Boxes and Roll-Offs

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Valves and Actuators

Wireline and Downhole Instruments


Drilling Rigs (Land Rigs)

T&T Oilfield Services offers innovative rig structures, drilling equipment, electric power systems, SCR drives, AC variable frequency drives, and more. The land rigs are equipped with the latest in drilling technologies, to tackle challenging drilling projects in many different and difficult settings, from harsh desert environments and to remote land sites.

T&T Oilfield Services offers total packages for Drilling Modules including Project Management, Engineering, Fabrication, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning as well as pipehandling systems complete from Pipe deck to down the hole.


  • New land rigs 650 HP - 3000 HP

  • Like New Value Rigs, cost effective rigs built using remanufactured draw works, rotary, and mud pumps with new power, control, and mud systems for performance of a new rig at a substantial saving. Modernization of Mechanical and Electrical Rig Fleets

  • Rig Automation and Controls

  • Modular AC and DC Drawworks

  • Rack and Pinion Rigs- push/pull rigs using the latest in drilling rig technology.

  • 750 hp self propelled drilling rig package

  • Complete 1000 hp diesel electric land rig

  • Complete 1500 hp diesel electric land rig

  • Complete 1700 hp diesel electric land rig

  • Complete 2000 hp diesel electric land rig

  • Complete 3000 hp diesel electric land rig

  • New dsi 1,000,000# mast and box-on-box substructure

  • New dsi 750,000# mast and box-on-box substructure


  • Available as trailer-mounted, self-propelled or skid-mounted configurations with electrical or mechanical drawworks
  • Freestanding or externally guyed masts are available on all API monogrammed; ATEX certification available
  • Complete turnkey packages to suit any working condition or natural environment, whether high ambient or arctic
  • Option of SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifier for DC Rigs; VFD – Variable
  • Frequency Drive for AC Rigs; MECH – Mechanical or Hydraulic Drive for Mechanical Rigs
  • Engineered with consideration to environmental impact and noise control
  • Substructures, rotary drives, top drives and pipe-handling equipment is available to suit any drilling or workover needs
  • Rig models can be custom-built up to 3000 hp to meet even the most challenging operational requirements


Workover and well servicing rigs are lightweight, durable and versatile, designed for fast and easy rig up and user-friendly operation and maintenance. These self-contained units have very few removable parts and require little or no assembly at the job site, thus benefiting customers with reduced down time and saved man-hours.

  • Available in carrier (drive-in or back-in), trailer or skid-mounted configurations to accommodate any of our clients’ oilfield service requirements
  • Rigs feature state-of-the-art drawworks, which are self-supporting, modular units designed for flexibility, ease of maintenance, performance and durability
  • Designed to accommodate varying climates from offshore to desert to arctic
  • All equipment is designed to be safe for personnel and environmentally responsible
  • Freestanding or externally guyed masts are available on all API monogrammed and certified masts
  • Design configurations can accommodate specialized transportation requirements, for example, via train and helicopter


  • Engine and Generators

  • SCR Control Systems

  • AC Variable Frequency Drive Systems

  • Auto Driller

  • Mud monitoring systems

  • Drilling & Monitoring Systems




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